Halsnøy Dokk AS is a competitive and tradition shipping wharf, centrally situated in the Sunnhordland region.
The company has 43 motivated and qualified employees, to help you with:

  • Shipbuilding, ship repairs, re-construction and extensions of both civil and naval vessels.
  • Overhauling, repairs, manufacturing, machining and welding services for both the offshore and land based industry
  • Production of large steel constructions 

Halsnøy Dokk AS offers its services to all types of vessels. We have great docking facilities (106 x 25 m),
as well as several larger quay areas available for the accomplishment of service tasks.

In our steel hall we are able to build large steel constructions and modules. The hall is in close vicinity of the quay
area. The yard possesses all necessary competence within all the trades needed in order to plan and carry through
larger constructions, classification of vessels and routine dockings. 

Halsnøy Dokk has through the years gained a broad experience with this type of work.





Drydock: Crane Capasity outarea: Halls: Quay: Outdoor storage of equipment: Stay opportunities
Lenght: 106 mtr

Width: 25 mtr

Depth 6,2 mtr

Azimuth pit

Liebehrr 1300LR – 300 T  Tracked crane

Quay – 8T tower crane

Production/steelhall 5000 m2

Traverscrane 2 x 32T, 3 x 20T

Plasma brennebord

Paint- and sandblastinghall 300 m2

Pipe and prefabricate 500 m2

Quay no. 1: 50 m

Quay no. 2: 55m

20 000 m2 Acommodation rigs at the yardarea

Rent of appartments near the yard, or hotel a bit further away.



The yard delivered it’s most recent construction vessel to Fugro Synergy NV in October 2009.

Fugro Synergy, levert 2009.