Our services

Halsnøy Dokk AS offers its services to all types of vessels. The company has 43 motivated and qualified employees, to help you with shipbuilding, ship repairs, re-construction and extensions of both civil and naval vessels. We also provide services in overhauling, repairs, manufacturing, machining and welding services for both the offshore and land based industry, aswell as production of large steel constructions.

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Map of the yard area, click for full sized map.

In our industrial yard area we can provide the following facilities, including but not limited to:

  • Dry dock 106 x 25 metres (348×79 ft), with depth 6,2 metres (20,3 ft). The dry dock is equipped with an azimuth pit, and a runway crane with a lifting capacity of up to 45 metric tons.
  • Workshops for steel production, 5000 m2, with travelling cranes at 1 x 60 tons and 3 x 20 tons
  • Workshops for painting and sandblasting, 300 m2
  • Warehouses, 1500 m2
  • Mechanical workshop, 250 m2
  • High capacity cutting machine (plasma)
  • Quays: 100 m
  • Up-to-date hydraulic propeller shaft puller
  • Several 500 ton bollards on yard area
  • Canteen with commercial kitchen
  • Accomodation facilities with 50 beds for hired personnel
  • Office facilities, with dedicated project offices available
  • High capacity Wi-Fi (wireless internet) covering the whole yard area